The Falcon Garden Club was founded in 1999 by Falcon area gardeners. We are learning and trying out gardening techniques in our Colorado xeriscape environment. There is usually a horticulture related presentation at our meetings. If you are anywhere in the Black Forest, Elbert, Peyton or Falcon area please join us the third Saturday each month at the High Prairie Library in Falcon at 10am as we share ideas and knowledge to help make your gardening experience more successful.

The little town of Falcon, Colorado is located 10 miles east of Colorado Springs. It was founded in 1888 and was probably the junction of the Rock Island Railroad and the Denver Texas Ft. Worth Railroad. We are a growing community with some very challenging growing conditions. We are barely a zone 5 and we have wind, rabbits and of course, hail as soon as the Iris bloom.

Garden Tips

Hot Wings® Tatarian Maple

HOT WINGS® Tatarian maple is a superior small ornamental tree that was discovered Colorado but destined for distribution throughout the country. The natural range of Tatarian maple is from Southeastern Europe into Western Asia. It likely arrived in North America in the early 1900’s during the days of the U.S. Department of Agriculture world-wide plant exploration. It started to appear in Colorado nurseries in the early 1980’s when regional nurserymen discovered this maple was much more tolerant of our alkaline soils than other cold-hardy ornamental maples.

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Saturday February 18, 10am
High Prairie Library, Falcon

Seed Starting — Scott Wilson
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