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The Colorado State Forest Service has provided six decades of timely, relevant forestry information to Colorado. The Trees for Conservation Program sells seedlings for conservation plantings to landowners at production cost. Foresters are available to answer questions about tree planting. Go to this page for the seedling order form.

The Gardens reflect the multitude of plants, flowers and trees and thrive in the dry Colorado climate, and include land that varies from high, dry prairie to wetlands near the river. Thirty acres of gardens are arranged in a continuous flow featuring ponds, wildlife, sculpture, a garden railroad, adventure hideaways and spectacular natural displays along a mile-and-a-quarter walking path.

With more than 32,000 plants from such far-away places as Australia, Africa and the Himalayas, Denver Botanic Gardens is recognized as one of the top five botanical gardens in the United States. There's something for all ages -- and all five of your senses.

Learn from National Xeriscape Experts at High Country Gardens!

Through its brilliant design construction and renewable energy use, our Growing Dome® provides an optimal environment for growing fresh, organic and nutritious vegetables, herbs and fruits throughout the year.


At the same time, they dramatically shrink our environmental footprint, both individually and collectively, by reducing our consumption of fossil fuels.

The Black Forest Slash-Mulch Program is a Wildfire Mitigation and Recycling Program of the El Paso County Solid Waste Management Department, John Fisher, Director. It is co-sponsored by the Colorado Forestry Association and the Black Forest Fire Department, in cooperation with the Colorado State Forest Service and the State Board of Land Commissioners. Call (719) 520-7878 for additional information.

There are 76 Conservation Districts in the State of Colorado with 400 elected officials representing Colorado landowners. The mission of Colorado’s 76 Conservation Districts is to provide leadership for the conservation of natural resources to ensure health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the state through a responsible conservation ethic.

The Colorado State University Extension web site contains a wealth of information about gardening in Colorado.



Industrial mass-production methods have contributed to food losing the high quality, freshness and great taste that only small-scale sustainable practices can produce. Many consumers are saying "no" to these "modern" methods and are finding alternatives such as Farmer's Markets, CSA memberships and growing food organically in our own backyards.

Phelan Gardens is a year round nursery, greenhouse and garden center. We sell houseplants, outdoor plants, garden support product and nature inspired home accents. Our seasonal decor during Fall and Christmas is a tradition for many.

Want to start a community or backyard vegetable garden and you live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area? We can help!

Harding Nursery specializes in growing blue spruce, shade trees, evergreen spreaders, and potentillas. For over fifty years, we have continually expanded our growing operations and plant stock areas. We have more than sixty acres of growing fields and ten greenhouses east of Colorado Springs. The main nursery has over twelve acres of stock and seventeen greenhouses.

HEIDRICH'S COLORADO TREE FARM NURSERY LLC is located in Colorado Springs, CO. We produce and sell nursery stock that we know will thrive at the elevation and climate where it is to be planted. The plants we produce will thrive anywhere in Colorado, and can we supply plants anywhere in the US. We are both a retail and wholesale nursery.